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The LED module application in the advertising market.

The advertisement can be seen everywhere in our daily life, not only in our day time life, also in the night.

As the development of the advertising market, new technology of light source for light box, channel letter, signage board, we can see in different occasions. We can see the various different advertisement in subway station, at bus stop, and the exterior wall of the building when we raise our head, but the most are the brand logo on the shop door.

The people know the fact that continuous visual impact can impress the customer for the content.

Neon tubes were the EX-leading role in the signage lighting stage before, now they are replacing by the LED module.

LED module is the necessary and best light source, most LED module distributors and led module factory in China and all over the world think it is with low consumption and long life span can save money and protect the environment at the same time.

And yes, it is. Its material is fire-protect and low voltage 12V, can avoid lots of unknown risk.  At the beginning, the epoxy glue LED module 12V is very popular in the signage lighting market, but only a few years, injection led module distributors prefer the high power LED module 12V, it can be casted at one time, no glue and other chemistry object, only ABS, LED, wire combination as light source. That’s the led modules for light box.

Now most injection LED module distributors want to use constant current LED module (e.g.: LED module 350mA, 700mA), because it’s better than constant voltage ones (LED module 12V).

In China LED module distributor and led module factory, they are working to be high power LED module suppliers for the overseas market, such as 3535 1-5W LED module for light box, they can design them from different beam angle, 160 degree, 10*45 degree, 47*32 degree, etc.  The target is for their customer different Light box depth in different application.

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